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Terradon unexpected restart
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This AM I started PSI ( specifically to check on Java. First, I was surprised that Java was not listed in either Up-to-date or Programs that need updating. I knew that I had recently installed Java for a website, so I was surprised that it was not detected. I opened IE9 and Java was installed and enabled. Openning Firefox found the same, but with the warning that Java had to be updated before it could be used. I clicked Scan again and Oracle Java JRE was now in the Needs Updating section.

I clicked to Update. During the update, the screen turned black and the system rebooted. Now Oracle Java JRE is shown as Up-to-date. It seems that the system needed rebooting to finish the update. That is understandable. What is not acceptable is the unexpected, forced reboot. Had I known it was impending, I would have saved documents and exited the open programs more gracefully than the forced reboot.

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