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taffy078 download link - continued
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I've started this because the following is locked and I wish to respond.

I have to totally disagree that it was unwise of me to have referred Jesant13 to that link to v2 and others. To bartman1 and MattS1984 I would say that, yes, it would be better for Secunia to list these but I can understand their reluctance to do so and their preference to push the latest version.

There have been many previous requests to Secunia, including the one last July but all have been ignored.
Likewise, they will not warn against posting in the Vulnerabilities section - every now and again, an enthusiastic Secunia employee visits that section and slaps 'minus marks' (minimising posts) on anyone daring to give advice there, even if the advice is 'do not post here'. I see there have been some interesting casualties of late in that section! :o)

My rationale for posting was simple - I was being pragmatic, trying to help a new member.
Would I do it again? No. Maurice has explained his rationale and I will honour that.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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RE: download link - continued
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Maurice Joyce RE: download link - continued
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On rechecking that threat I agree. You gave the only link available that DIRECTLY answered the exam question & I have adjusted your score to reflect this.

Maybe the posters concerned should note it is unprofessional to hi- jack other peoples threads with irrelevance & to advertise via the backdoor by not using a hyperlink. If they want to comment on something that does not directly affect them they should create their own thread or contact Secunia Support.

You will note that one combatant is still asking a question. The answer is available for him on this website so why he bothered defeats me. Maybe I should add the link for him to my Quick Links which you pointed to!!!

Shovelling snow is more interesting so I will not respond any further.


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