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trocker "contact support" popup seems to not work.
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I noticed a new problem with PSI today. It failed to apply some java updates: instead there was a red "contact support" link.

The issue I wanted to report has to do with this popup. First of all: the "email" field was only four characters wide; I'm guessing that is a mistake.

Secondly, hitting "send data" seems to have no effect. The popup never goes away; I can't tell if the data was actually sent or not, but there certainly was no user feedback.

Here is a screenshot of PSI after "send data" was clicked:

This user no longer exists RE: "contact support" popup seems to not work.
Secunia Official 6th Feb, 2013 12:31
Thank you for reporting these issues that we are currently looking into.

To get Java updated, and in case you have not already done so, I suggest you either use the Java update feature in the control panel, or you can uninstall Java and then install the latest version at the vendor website.

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