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Quitch Scanning files never finishes
Member 9th Feb, 2013 13:41
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So the PSI Tray Icon was green and showing that everything was okay, but when I opened the application (as the system had been hibernating for some time) it showed me it needed to run a scan (last one was a month and a half ago). I guess my first question is why it wasn't already running this overdue scan, but whatever.

So I ran the scan but it seemed to stop at "Scanning files". I can hear drive activity and there's some CPU usage, but it was doing this for thirty minutes (normally it takes about 5, maybe 10) and the computer went to sleep. I killed the program and reinstalled. Now the last scan date is still too old, but is newer than before (9 days ago). However, I get the same issue, sits there "Scanning files" with no apparent progress.

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mogs RE: Scanning files never finishes
Member 9th Feb, 2013 15:19
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Might be worth checking thro' the following paragraphs in the FAQ :- .............perhaps a setting has gotten altered.
Hope it helps........regards..........

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This user no longer exists RE: Scanning files never finishes
Secunia Official 11th Feb, 2013 15:57
We had a server issue which has now been fixed.

The PSI might have to be closed completely down, that meaning the PSI window and tray icon.

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