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Maurice Joyce Secunia Server Issues
Handling Contributor 11th Feb, 2013 16:39
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I note on various other threads that after 7 days of total disruption all Secunia can say is

We had a server issue which has now been fixed.

The PSI might have to be closed completely down, that meaning the PSI window and tray icon.

I am not convinced it is fixed- at best it is snails pace when trying to do anything.

xSI is certainly NOT working. Have those of us who signed up & have given their valuable time testing & creating reports to you on this programme been forgotten?

Communication & the ability to fix errors/bugs/valuable suggestions in a timely manner have never been a strong point with Secunia but this latest saga of leaving us all in the guessing game is pathetic.

When is xSI being fixed?


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M.Stengaard RE: Secunia Server Issues
Secunia Official 12th Feb, 2013 16:15
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Hello Maurice,

What exactty is not working for you in the Secunia xSI; are you still having performance problems? We did indeed have some server issues, but these should be fixed now, and my systems are working as expected.

Please let us know if you experience anyhting else.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Morten Stengaard

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