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mogs Adobe Emergency Flash Update
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Adobe springs emergency Flash update, says hackers hitting Firefox
Second 'out-of-band' patch this month, fourth fix overall in 2013

By Gregg Keizer
February 26, 2013 04:11 PM ET

Computerworld - Adobe today patched new vulnerabilities in Flash Player that hackers are now exploiting in attacks aimed at Firefox users, the company said.

Today's surprise update to Flash Player was the second emergency fix this month, the third overall for February, and the fourth since the start of 2013.

In the accompanying advisory, Adobe confirmed it was patching three vulnerabilities in the popular media player browser plug-in. Two of the trio, said Adobe, are being used by attackers.

"Adobe is aware of reports that CVE-2013-0643 and CVE-2013-0648 are being exploited in the wild in targeted attacks designed to trick the user into clicking a link which directs to a website serving malicious Flash content," the advisory stated, listing the vulnerabilities by their Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures, or CVE, identifiers. "The exploit for CVE-2013-0643 and CVE-2013-0648 is designed to target the Firefox browser."

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Leendert Kip Adobe Emergency Flash Update
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Hi mogs, thank you! You were even faster then Filehippo. Just installed on mij pc's successfully.

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