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Gemelo Adobe Reader 9.5.4
Member 8th Mar, 2013 10:09
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Could you please fix the scanning of CSI5.0 for Adobe Reader 9.5.4 as you did with PSI?
CSI5.0 still shows insecure version.

Thank you very much.

This user no longer exists RE: Adobe Reader 9.5.4
Secunia Official 13th Mar, 2013 11:08

Secunia PSI and Secunia CSI use the same file signatures to detect the state of your software.
This means that if a scanning problem persist in the CSI, it will also affect the Secunia PSI scans.

Could you please re-scan your systems carefully once again? I'll advice you to carefully review your scan results again. If you noticed technical issue with your scans, please report the problem to

Kind regards,
/Rosen Danailov

This thread has been marked as locked.