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Midnight_Voice 'Contact Support' not sending
Member 8th Mar, 2013 19:04
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My PSI 3, trying to install Java 6.0.430.1, has come up with 'Contact Support', and when I click this, it ask me to give my email address and click Send.

But when I click Send, nothing (apparently) happens. This is on my Vista Ultimate laptop.

I recall that last time I had this message, on my XP laptop, I got some feedback to say it had been sent, and later a nice email from Secunia saying that this had enabled them to fix something.

But I didn't get that here.

I've now installed the JDK for 6.0.430 manually, so the message has gone away; but something wasn't quite right there.

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This user no longer exists RE: 'Contact Support' not sending
Secunia Official 11th Mar, 2013 14:54
Thank you for reporting. We have been able to recreate the issue and are now handling it as a bug.

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