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tabath MSXML 3 & 6
Member 8th Mar, 2013 20:40
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I have a psi score of 93%. The programs that are causing the problem are MSXML 3.x and MSXML 3.x(64 bit) and MSXML 6.x and MSXML 6,x(64 bit).

When I try to update these windows update shows nothing as needing updating - is this a false positive by PSI or is there another way to update these.


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Maurice Joyce RE: MSXML 3 & 6
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On the scan results page have you got these entries & do the Installed Version number match yours exactly?

You may not have MSXML 4 but if you have does it match as well?


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tabath RE: MSXML 3 & 6
Member 14th Mar, 2013 12:01
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This has cleared itself after 3 days.
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