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scannan Small Business Beta
Member 11th Mar, 2013 10:58
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The Small Business Console shows one of my computers as having only a 99% score whereas OSI on that machine is showing a 100% score.
The difference seems to be the fact that I have an end-of-life program on that computer which is marked as "to be ignored" but that marking does not seem to be taken into account by the console. The console does not show it as insecure, merely as end-of-life.
This difference in interpretation, if that is indeed the cause, is confusing and should be removed.

This user no longer exists RE: Small Business Beta
Secunia Official 11th Mar, 2013 14:50
I assume you mean the PSI and not the OSI, otherwise please let me know.

Can I ask you to send us a few screenshots that shows the different readings in the PSI and the SmallBusiness interface? A link to this thread will be appreciated as well. Please send the email to

Also, thank you for reporting the issue. We will do our best to get issues like this fixed as soon as possible.

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