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ultimitloozer time taken to perform software updates
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Since my previous thread ( has been locked without any kind of decent reply, I would still like to know if/when the issue will be addressed. Simply telling me how to use PSI to perform the ungodly slow update process is not an answer. I already know how to do this otherwise I would not know that it takes more than an hour to perform an update using PSI that can be done manually in less than 5 minutes.

I just want it to point me to the proper update from whatever website necessary so I can manually download and install it since it is a great deal faster that waiting for HOURS for PSI to do the same task. Although I can still do it faster when I have to manually search to find the proper patch and am still saving time, it can be faster yet if you would just point me to the necessary software instead of having to do the search myself for each and every patch each and every time.

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Secunia Official 12th Mar, 2013 10:08
Thank you for your feedback. We already have an enhancement request in our system suggesting that the PSI should provide a download link to the vendor website. I have updated the enhancement request based on your comments.

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