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DavidS CSI 6.0 ignore scan paths
Member 21st Mar, 2013 09:13
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how to ignore drive D: in scan paths.
I've tried to enter the following but none of them work.


Thank you.


This user no longer exists RE: CSI 6.0 ignore scan paths
Secunia Official 27th Mar, 2013 11:01
Hi David,

You can type-in 'D:\' in the Path field to disable scanning of D:\ drives.
Please note that you must first enable 'Blacklisting' radio button before you configure your rule.
I have just tested this same scenario and it worked well for me.

You can also use Ignore Rules to ignore certain paths. Ignore Rules are a bit more flexible because you can also select specific hosts to which this rule applies.

Kind regards,
/Rosen Danailov

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