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jgnetworksecurity Script unresponsive error every time PSI is opened.
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I am very surprised that no one else has posted about this issue. It is happening on 3 of my workstations. Whenever I launch Secunia PSI from the taskbar it opens up and gets stuck on the opening Logo page, eventually leading to a Script Unresponsive error. Do you want to stop this script. I do not even have the option in Internet Explorer to display script errors turned on, and the only time I see this error is when i run Secunia PSI.
Please fix this bug. It is getting annoying that I cannot get my PSI to open up to my applications without restarting it a few times.


taffy078 RE: Script unresponsive error every time PSI is opened.
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From the problems you describe, I imagine that you have PSI v3.

There are in fact quite a few threads about start-up problems. If you look at this one

you'll see links to another three threads.

[edit:] when you reply it might help Support if you confirm which version of PSI you're using, the browser and also your operating system. I had the problems on my XP/IE8 desktop (which is why I've switched to PSI v2) and also on my Win7/IE9 laptop (which I'll switch to v 2 when I've time.)

This leads me to the obvious conclusion that the problem is a programming problem.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

HP Envy Win10 PC and Compaq Presario screwed up by forced upgrade to Win10 from WIn7
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