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NomDeGuerre Stuck at "Preparing Scan"
Member 24th Mar, 2013 03:11
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I'm using PSI 3.0 on 32-bit Windows Vista. I've had it set to manual and use it rather infrequently because of the performance I experienced from it. Today when I fired it up and tried to do a scan, it got stuck at "Preparing Scan". I found one other thread that mentioned this problem. I tried a few things, but eventually uninstalled PSI, using "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel. I then manually deleted the C:\Program Files\Secunia directory as well as C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Secunia. In the Windows registry (using regedit), I searched the HKLM hive for 'Secunia' and deleted the results found. I'm not sure if the manual cleanup was necessary, but I noted another thread where someone tried several times to remove and reinstall PSI with no improvement.
After downloading and re-installing PSI 3.0, I'm happy to report that it is working better than before. The scan is at least successful. Right now I'm trying to do a manual update on one of the outdated apps detected. It's Adobe Shockwave Player, for crying out loud and should have only taken a few minutes, but it's been attempting to update that single app for probably 20 minutes. Anyway, I often use PSI just to inform me what is outdated and then do the updates myself--it's usually faster that way.
Hope this might help someone else. Good luck!

taffy078 RE: Stuck at "Preparing Scan"
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sadly, your're not the first. Here's mine, and there are many others having the same problem.

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

HP Envy Win10 PC and Compaq Presario screwed up by forced upgrade to Win10 from WIn7
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