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rhilde PC Tools Free Firewall
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I was out of the country last October, and I understand that happens to be when Symantec bought PC Tools and dropped their free firewall. I lost my desktop computer (hijacked for ransom) because there was no information for me that happened. It seems to me that the PC Tools Firewall should have been one of the programs that should have been listed "End of Life" after the first scan after the event. Does anyone know how that didn't happen? I don't think there is anything that could bring back my OLD computer but I want to avoid a recurrence.

mogs RE: PC Tools Free Firewall
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There are Overview lists of PC Tools and Symantec products monitored by Secunia here :- PC Tools

and here :- Symantec

For a product to have been deemed End of Life it would have had to have been unsupported by the vendor.
Support may be able to offer more detail of the chronology of events surrounding a specific product.

Hope it helps......regards.........

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E.Jeppesen RE: PC Tools Free Firewall
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I believe some time vent by from where the support for PC Tools Firewall Plus had officially and clearly been stopped, to the point where it got detected as end-of-life by the PSI. That should explain why you did not get any notification at the moment of its official end-of-life statement from the vendor.
rhilde RE: PC Tools Free Firewall
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Regardless of the exact chronology, I ran the firewall from last Fall to March when my old computer got hijacked. Never received any kind of notification. Secunia has ALWAYS notified me of all other programs needing updates. The only way I came up with the October time frame was because that's what I found online, so that is neither here nor there. Sometime in that entire 4 to 5 month period is when Symantec dropped support.

I hope anybody still running that firewall at least sees this thread and gets another firewall ASAP. Just nothing from Symantec. Remember Norton?
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