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jcurtis95 Unusual number of updates being installed continuously
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Hello everyone,

I have been a Secunia PSI user for several years and it has done an amazing job of keeping our computers updated. I have not participated in the forum discussions before and hope that I do not confuse you with my problem.

Recently, on our new desk top, Win 7, I have a continuous stream of program installs, changes, and removals. It seems that once it removes or changes the programs it then seems to reinstall the same programs and changes. A short time later, it will go through the same process again, removal and change, then reinstall. I do not know if this is normal, I just know that it has been a consistent updating throughout the entire day which has not been normal in the past.

I recently fine-tuned the start-up services and that seems to have been the beginning of the PSI continuous updates. I am currently at 100% on updates.

In the past, I have gotten updates perhaps 2 or 3 times per week. Now it is 5 or 6 times per day. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I have not made a list of the content of the various updates and will do so if it is helpful.


Jerry Curtis

This user no longer exists RE: Unusual number of updates being installed continuously
Secunia Official 10th Apr, 2013 14:41
Hi Jerry
I suspect the programs that continue to be auto-updated by the PSI are installed in a non-default directory. Please see this entry in our FAQ and let us know the name of the programs along with their installation paths.

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