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ejhonda New Java 7u21 warns on OSI safety
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I recently applied the Java 7 update 21 patch to my workstation, but when I now run OSI I receive a security warning from Java: "Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern. Contact the application vendor to ensure that it has not been tampered with. Block potentially unsafe components from being run?" You're then given a choice of a "Yes", "No", or "Help" button.

I'm not sure if this is now going to be the norm running any Java components via a web request or if there is something Secunia can do to avoid Java flagging OSI.

ddmarshall RE: New Java 7u21 warns on OSI safety
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It looks like it might be running into this:

The article also shows the method to hide the warning.

There are more new Java security warnings described in

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This user no longer exists RE: New Java 7u21 warns on OSI safety
Secunia Official 18th Apr, 2013 10:21
Thank you for pointing out this issue with the latest version of Oracle Java JRE. We are currently considering if there is anything we can do to avoid these pop-ups from Java.

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