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jkellymd Click to update doesn't work
Member 23rd Apr, 2013 00:06
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Using Secunia vesion and had alert that Python 2.7.2150.1013 is not secure, found in CyberLink PhotoDirector 3

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyberlink\PhotoDirector 3\Koan\python27.dll


C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyberlink\PhotoDirector 3\Customizations\Generic\Setting\python27.dll

So Secunia then prompts me to click to update and when I do, it is the Python site which allows me to download the newer version, but a version slightly higher than the one suggested by Secunia. Must be okay, I reckon, so I download it, but there is no updated python27.dll for me to substitute for the non-secure version, and I gather from reading Secunia closed community discussion threads that I could not just substitute it anyway, if the experts were correct. Rescanning still tells me I'm not secure. I had upgraded from PhotoDirector 2.11 to version 3, and now what? There do not seem to be updated components, other than to buy the latest iteration. Apparently, I cannot "click to update."

Thanks for your kind attention,
John Kelly

ddmarshall RE: Click to update doesn't work
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Secunia have to amend their rules to ignore these embedded Python runtimes. If this is a new version of Photo Director, they may not have seen it yet. If they do not respond to your post tomorrow, email Support.

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This user no longer exists RE: Click to update doesn't work
Secunia Official 23rd Apr, 2013 10:10
@ John Kelly
Thank you for the information you have posted. If you perform a rescan with the PSI the issue should now have been fixed.

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