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mehran_4x please help me to remove secunia
Member 9th May, 2013 18:28
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Dear sir or madam

After installing Secunia software,my windows 7 can not load and shows blue screen and stopped at BtHid.sys even I could not find a way to load windows again even in safe mode or repair computer. please help me to remove the software manually from windows directory. This is really important matter cause I would lose all of my data.
maybe by knowing list of files which Secunia psi has installed I can delete them from a bootable CD to enliven the system.
Thanks and waiting for your reply.

joe schmoe RE: please help me to remove secunia
Member 9th May, 2013 21:55
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Most unfortunate.

You can use a Linux Live CD to back up all important files/data before you proceed. A live CD does not alter the Windows operating system environment in any way. Instead, it allows you to run a second (albeit temporary) operating system to get access to your files.

Follow detailed instructions on this page to download and run Ubuntu on your system. A link is provided here: to avoid any issues with a mistaken install.

DO NOT choose to install this operating system unless you want a second operating system to be available to be run on your computer.

Live CD's only run in computer memory; restarting your computer will remove all traces of the Live CD operating system.

Very useful for recovering important files when used as a live cd.

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This user no longer exists RE: please help me to remove secunia
Secunia Official 10th May, 2013 10:10
Rassilon RE: please help me to remove secunia
Member 15th May, 2013 17:08
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from my experience bthid.sys has nothing in common with secunia and is a Bluetooth-related driver file designed for Windows XP but since Win7 has bluetooth support built-in it should not be required for normal bluetooth operation on Windows7.

Most common cause of the file being present on the system is that the user installed on Windows 7 the bluetooth drivers that were meant for windows xp. They first installed the software that comes on the cdrom of an older bluetooth usb device before attempting to connect that device to the computer - they usually do this because of a BIG LABEL on the box of the device and on the cd that says to install the software before connecting the device to the computer. This might have been good advice for winxp but is disastrous for win7 when the setup program overrides the built-in bluetooth drivers.

They either did this accidentally, not knowing that Win7 already comes with bluetooth support or they installed these drivers on purpose and they used drivers that are not fully compatible with windows 7.

The only case that i think would make sense to install them on purpose and that require the use of a specially-tweaked bluetooth communication protocol stack on Win7 is when one desires functions not normally available with the regular OS bluetooth support: wireless data snooping and impersonation.

On a simple Google search, "mehran_4x" is an username commonly found on Iranian-related sites, with some even mentioning Tehran as location... think of this what you want...
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