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bigbadsteve MSXML v 4.20.9876.0 detected as insecure on Windows 7, some PSI advice incorrect & inconsistent
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For the last few days Secunia PSI on my Windows 7 Pro 32-bit system has detected MSXML (Microsoft XML Core Services) v 4.20.9876.0 as insecure and indicated the newest secure version is supposedly 4.30.2100.0 .

Did a search at the Secunia forum for MSXML, didn't find anything recent & useful.

The 'Install Solution' link displayed in PSI's Scan Results reads 'Microsoft Update'. But running Windows Update on my system, to which all Microsoft critical updates have been applied and then the machine restarted, indicates *no* new MSXML updates.

Clicking on the 'Install Solution' link results in a warning message about 'Microsoft Update' having already been run, then prompts 'Click "Yes" if you would like to run a new full-scan now, or click "No" to open Microsoft Update.' But clicking 'No' doesn't open Microsoft Update or Windows Update at all. Instead the default browser tries to download msxml.msi . This inconsistency should be fixed. And I wasn't even sure whether this msxml.msi is even the Windows 7 version, see below.

Clicking on "You can double click this row for additional information and options" brings up the window with links listed under 'Online References' to a number of Vendor and Product pages. The Microsoft page all these link sequences untimately lead to is for MSXML SP2:

Clicking on the 'System Requirements' link on that page shows a list of systems *not* including Windows 7. I am *not* prepared to install a Microsoft patch which they don't recommend for Windows 7 on a Windows 7 machine, even if it installed the results are not tested by Microsoft.

The rest of Secunia PSI scan worked wonderfully as usual.

(Later) Hmm, OK... following the last link in the Secunia results 'Online References' , named 'Problems; Discussions' which leads to a site search rersults page let me fortuitously find the answer to what patch to apply, it's on:

... which led me to...

... which led me to...

Hooray, here finally is the fix installer!
And the executable download linked to contains the same fix I see as the msxml.msi download from the misleadingly named 'Microsoft Update' link in Secunia mentioned above, so all is now good on my machine.

But might I suggest fixing all the Secunia links and link names as mentioned above so they are correct, as described many of them are at minimum wrong for Windows 7 32-bit. This would have saved me 2-3 hours work and is likely to save other users getting confused too, thanks.

I don't know Microsoft haven't included this in critical updates since it was released in January. Their thinking is sometimes beyond all understanding.

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