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marymcshane Program has not worked for me in 3 days
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I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and SECUNIA still is not working. The screen says NEVER SCANNED which is not true because it scanned every day up until 3 days ago. My history is there, so obviously the program scanned before. This is just ridiculous.

I see others have posted here with similar problems. Knowing I am not alone is not as consoling as I had hoped it would be. Communication from SECUNIA would be. lol

If SECUNIA would please answer on thread or on their home page to at least let us know they are AWARE of the problems, that would help with the frustration of dealing with this.

I've read some of the threads and one mentioned that we didn't pay for the program so we shouldn't expect much. I downloaded this as a FREE program, as advertised. Your comment is ridiculous.

The good reputation that this developer has should be enough for them to get on the ball here and fix this recent problem.

Maurice Joyce RE: Program has not worked for me in 3 days
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If you read this thread you will note that Secunia Support have acknowledged there could be an issue they are looking into.


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