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RobudusHTP Update Secunia PSI with CSI... How?
Member 20th Jun, 2013 14:31
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we have installed about 50 Notebooks with Secunia PSI Version. with Packages from Matrix42 Empirum. How can we update to the if our notebooks are outside the company an connected to the Internet. Can the PSI update himself to the actual version?
We use CSI V.


Robert Fuchs

This user no longer exists RE: Update Secunia PSI with CSI... How?
Secunia Official 4th Jul, 2013 08:59
Hi Robert,

Let me first recommend you to patch your Secunia CSI to the latest released version -
Here is the direct download link to fetch the latest version:

a) - 32-version intended only for Windows 7/2008 and earlier Windows OS flavors.
b) - 64-bit version intended only for the Windows 8 / 2012 platform.

Unfortunately, Secunia PSI would not update itself as it does for most programs used on your notebooks. The reason is easy to understand - PSI only patches Insecure installations that contain vulnerabilities while your version of PSI is Patched (secure) and so it does not require mandatory updating.

You could patch Secunia PSI via WSUS or SCCM by distributing a regular update package, but that also means that your Notebooks shall have access to the corresponding deployment server. You will also need to receive specific instructions from Secunia CSC on how to build and distribute the PSI package correctly. Please send us an inquiry to and requesting the PSI package instructions and we will forward those to you.

Kind Regards | Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov | Junior Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support

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