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This user no longer exists Doesn't properly check for new versions
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Dropbox installed on Windows releases new versions frequently, but doesn't update itself. Unfortunately PSI doesn't properly check for updates either. For instance, I am running Dropbox for Windows version 2.0.22, but several versions since then have been released:

2.2.8 6/21/2013

Fix an issue that could cause duplicate folders to be created when non-ascii characters are in the folder name.
Fix an issue that caused endless syncing when encountering permissions issues.
Other minor fixes

2.2.3 6/13/2013

Fix an issue on Mac OS X 10.4 which causes files to disappear after uploading.
Fix a rare issue on Windows which causes Dropbox to endlessly sync files with long paths

2.2.2 6/12/2013

Fix a rare issue that causes Dropbox to change directory names to all lowercase.
Use a consistent image for photo notifications.

2.2.1 6/7/2013

Fix an issue preventing Dropbox from starting up on 10.4 and 10.5

2.2.0 6/5/2013

New notifications badge
Refactoring of core sync engine
Improved memory usage
Startup performance improvements
Finder icon overlay improvements

2.0.26 6/5/2013

Update the Codesigning certificate on Windows. (Only affects installation)

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mogs RE: Doesn't properly check for new versions
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psi detects those programs with security vulnerabilities and those updates which fix them.
Some updates to programs don't improve the security rating of a program....but there is nothing to prevent you applying them.
The Advisory for Dropbox 2x. can be seen here :-

Most Critical Unpatched
There are no unpatched Secunia advisories affecting this product, when all vendor patches are applied..

0 Secunia Advisories in 2013
Secunia has issued a total of 0 Secunia advisories in 2013 for Dropbox 2.x. Currently, 0% (0 out of 0) are marked as unpatched.

Hope it helps.....regards.....mogs

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