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dunlappedover Re-scan individual programs
Member 27th Jun, 2013 12:10
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The previous version of PSI had the ability to re-scan individual programs once I manually updated a program that wouldn't auto-update. With the current version, I have to re-scan the entire drive and I need the individual scan often, as PSI seems to have a problem recognizing updates to programs like Firefox and Flash Player). Also, PSI used to recognize manual updates within seconds, now it doesn't recognize manual updates at all. Why did Secunia drop these features? Are there no workarounds or substitute functions?

This user no longer exists RE: Re-scan individual programs
Secunia Official 28th Jun, 2013 09:47
When you have updated a program and the old version is still detected, it is worth investigating if the old version is still present on your computer. Please see these FAQ entries.

I believe the rescan of an individual program was removed in PSI 3 to simplify the interface and also because the scan result is not as reliable as after a full system scan. If you need the feature however, PSI 2 is still supported and can be downloaded at this page:
It sounds like using PSI 2 would also solve the issue you describe about changes to the scan results that are not detected until a rescan is performed.
dunlappedover RE: Re-scan individual programs
Member 28th Jun, 2013 15:21
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Thank you. I relied heavily on that function to clear the scanner after updating programs it seemed to have difficulty recognizing right away (I don't like to sit around waiting for it to update itself, I've seen it happen within seconds in the version 2 and sometimes it takes minutes and sometimes you have to make it manually re-scan the program to recognize it). I have never seen the manual individual program re-scan function make a mistake. Ever.

It has always helped me to determine whether or not the update worked, such as with Flash Player, when an update frequently leaves artifacts of the older version in place. Now I have to re-scan the entire dang computer and wait while it slows everything down for just one program? Doesn't make sense. I've always had difficulty with this version 3, it's definitely not as intuitive and easy to use, it's like Secunia took the power to control our computer away from the user and tried to automate everything. Well, it doesn't work that great. And it took me forever to figure out how to view the installed program's details and I am a professional computer guy who can usualy figure out anything.

I've been using the individual program re-scan function since I first started using PSI, it's helped me understand how key program files can get locked and ignored during updates, and it's a quick way to detect when that happens. Flash Player is the worst offender. I have recommended PSI to many many people over the years, and installed it on quite a few computers myself. I even recognize that PCMatic makes claims similar to teh function already performed by PSI, and have advised many people to ignore PCMatic and use PSI

Maybe Secunia can learn a lesson and reinstate the re-scan of individual programs function? It really is necessary. And do away with the auto-update, it doesn't work. Not with Firefox, not with Flash. Meanwhile, I'm taking your advice and going back to version 2.. I did not even realize that version 2 was still supported, I thought the update was mandatory. Sayanora version 3.
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