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DCCSI New CSI Agent download
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I think is pointing to the wrong CSIAgent installer. I believe the file located there is the management console. This is the link that is autogenerated when I want to upgrade my CSI Agent. Any help would be appreciated.


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RE: New CSI Agent download
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This user no longer exists RE: New CSI Agent download
Secunia Official 4th Jul, 2013 14:01

I've tested the URL link just now and succeed to verify that this is the correct file indeed.

I believe that you may have had small confusion because of the namings of both CSI and Agent files. The Agent's file naming is CSIASetup.exe while the CSI Console naming is CSISetup.exe.

There is only one small difference - the letter 'A' - which indicates an 'Agent'. The file downloaded via the link you referred to is indeed CSIASetup.exe, thus the Agent not the console.

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