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martbasi Approve multiple patches?
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I just wondered if there is any way to apply approvals to a given set of wsus target groups for multiple patches simultaneously.

My wsus clients are split into several target groups that receive patch approvals in stages, eg, on day 1 a test group gets new patches. Day 3 low criticality floor PCs. Day 7 higher criticality DBA, Developer, and Company Executive workstations.

So I'm repeatedly approving the same batch of patches, but revising the wsus targets on each round. This can be insanely laborious if you have to do it for each individual patch.

I really wish I could select multiple patches and set the approvals for them once, in a single screen. Or a CLI / scripted method would work too...

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This user no longer exists RE: Approve multiple patches?
Secunia Official 5th Jul, 2013 09:22
Last edited on 5th Jul, 2013 09:22 Hi,

Unfortunately, due to limitations in the way Secunia utilizes publishing to WSUS do not allow the CSI console to simultaneously approve more than one package at a time.

We understand the inconvenience you may experience in the current workflow you follow, but there is nothing we could do at this point as the limitations are on the side of WSUS.

Perhaps, you could consider implementing WSUS Automatic Approvals (if there is a good methodology to match your processes)? This would enable all Secunia packages to be automatically approved to a group of pre-selected users for automatic deployment. Could that help you avoid some if not all of the manual work?

Kind Regards | Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov | Junior Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support

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