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martbasi re: Seeing both JRE and JRE 7u25 available
Member 9th Jul, 2013 15:50
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Hey again.

I don't know why my other thread got locked, or who locked it, but I did not choose an answer, nor do I consider the matter closed.

While I thank MehulBhai for the partial answer, confirming my suspicions, I was hoping a conversation would flow from that starting point.

I still haven't seen an explaination of why there are multiple versions of the same patch, or how I should handle this unexpected situation.

If Rosen or another Secunia Official aren't inclined to advise, I guess I'll go open a support ticket. But I was kind of hoping to generate some info publicly, to potentially help someone in the future...

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This user no longer exists RE: re: Seeing both JRE and JRE 7u25 available
Secunia Official 11th Jul, 2013 08:40

The answer that was kindly provided by the user MehulBhai is the correct answer to your question.

Disregarding if the version number is listed as or as 7u25, the content of the package is identical and the functionality is the same for either of the packages.

Earlier, Secunia listed package suggestions by pointing to the full exact version number of the Java JRE update package as it is listed within the metadata of the file.

However, to align with common understanding and vendor practices, Secunia recently changed the full version number (the actual metadata number of the update file) with the label used by the vendor (the visible official naming convention used by Oracle).

As you likely have both older and newer scanning results, the Secunia Package System is expected to be listing both the old convention and the new one since all information regarding packages is preserved in time within SPS based on the information used upon detection.

However, after you re-scanned all machines and all scanning results within the local database are updated accordingly, the old number should disappear from the SPS and only the new one shall remain.

Please advice should you have any further questions.

Kind Regards | Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov | Junior Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support
martbasi RE: re: Seeing both JRE and JRE 7u25 available
Member 12th Jul, 2013 15:06
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Thanks for the expanded answer!

Regarding the version convention, probably a good step. And your note about why both naming variations appear, due to the passage of time, makes sense.

I've approved only the patch with the new Oracle-style name, and am disregarding the older style patch with the full version number.

Thx Rosen & MehulBhai
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