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Shooting the messenger

Secunia Shooting the messenger
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Shooting the messenger


RE: Shooting the messenger
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joe schmoe RE: Shooting the messenger
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As VLC is a freely downloadable media player, and free to use, it seems a bit odd for VLC not to acknowledge any and all efforts on Secunia's part to address any found or discovered new security vulnerabilities in a responsible and timely manner.

Ignoring a security issue will not make it go away.

I've used VLC in the past, and noted certain issues caused by running it on my system, beginning with version 2.0.4 and continuing with versions 2.05 and 2.0.6, and decided to uninstall it after struggling with these issues and do without.

I did not try version 2.0.7. Good thing I did not, as that too, is reported as being vulnerable.

The main issue was, for me, was getting certain built-in VLC codecs to run properly without crashing VLC and then it would also automatically disable by default the ability of Windows Media Player to take back WMP native codecs for itself.

Now I know why I was having these issues, thanks to Secunia.

Programs rated as vulnerable have no place on my systems.

XP Pro SP3 P4 3.2 HT 2 GB RAM Avast! 9.0.2018 AIS
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klausus02 RE: Shooting the messenger
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I think VLC mediaplayer in principle is an excelent peace of software. Therefore it's realy a pity that the problems can be focused on e few guys at VideoLan. For myself I have made some very displeasing experiences with the head Jean-Baptiste Kempf. I'm convinced that he is good programmer. But I think he is missing some skills for beeing the president of VideoLan.

I don't know enough about what happend in the past between Secunia and VideoLan. And I don't understand why it is that unpossible to behave like it is normal in science. There exists a standart procedure to discuss about errors and hint's are welcome and nobody feels offended (mostly..) by hints.

But Jean-Baptiste Kempf behaves childish. Therefore it's good that there is the VLC developer TypX as you can read here:

I'm curious how this story is going on....
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