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Adobe Shockwave Player 12.x

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davidbaldwin Waiting for update to complete
Member 25th Jul, 2013 05:17
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Location: N/A is the detected version. Attempting to install 12.x

No matter which way, Secunia's update solutions don't complete on this.

Running the Shockwave test page from Adobe shows 12.0.3r133 Installation complete

Control Panel shows two entries:
- Shockwave Player 12.0, 23 July, 51.2MB, ver
- Shockwave Player 12.0, 24 July, 9.70MB, ver

Secunia shows detected version, latest patched 12.x, Waiting for update to complete
(it has already gone through downloading and installing phases)

I am still waiting...

I think my next step is to completely uninstall Shockwave. I probably don't need it.
But the point is Secunia PSI is pretty slow at completing these updates most times anyways.


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This user no longer exists RE: Waiting for update to complete
Secunia Official 25th Jul, 2013 09:19
To better understand the issue and to examine it, these FAQ entries should be relevant.

As a general advice, whenever there is a program you do not use I recommend that you uninstall it. Personally I have not had Adobe Shockwave Player installed for years and I have yet to come across a website that requires me to install it.

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