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Nergali reports no internet connection
Member 25th Jul, 2013 22:52
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Hi updated today Thursday 7/25/13 USA (.7009-to-.7011) and am unable to run as it reports no internet connection as seen

Also note I do have Internet connection (as I'm using it and you can see the connected icon)

I kinda remember going through something like this with PSI 2.x at some point and that it had to do with SSL TLS or HTTP 1.1 through proxy but not sure, so here are my settings for those
Secure Socket:
Http 1.1

Windows 8 Full updates as of July 25th. Attempted reboot after first noticed error (min after install). Update was not clean update (install over 7009 via installer's method)
Edit: PSILog is available if needed

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Maurice Joyce RE: reports no internet connection
Handling Contributor 25th Jul, 2013 23:17
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It is the Secunia Server throwing another wobbly.

Is your icon grey?

Whatever colour try a right click on the icon & start PSI that way.

It should work but is slow like this Forum. EDIT: If you decide to run a scan the icon may well turn green & indicate all is well.

Not sure when they will fix it again.


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
IE & Edge Only
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Nergali RE: reports no internet connection
Member 26th Jul, 2013 01:39
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was getting stuck on the splash sceen but icon, in last 20 min or so has changed to red and screen loaded up. Guess I just picked a bad day to update for Secunia servers. LOL
Thanks as always Maurice I'm back and running :)
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