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mattfranklin Scan Details Last Scan Date
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When I run a scan that completes successful, then go into the Completed Scans and View the scan results for a workstation the orview does not match the information on the completed scans page and it show that the Last Scan was over two weeks ago even though I just ran it. Is there some other way to update the results of the scan so I can see the current details and not the older details.

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Secunia Official 31st Jul, 2013 09:06
Last edited on 31st Jul, 2013 09:07 Hi,

At the bottom of the Secunia CSI console, you can double-click on the text string 'Local Database Synchronization Status' to call the database synchronization window. At the top of the new popup you can click on 'Start Full Synchronization' to force the CSI to fetch all your data from the cloud.

If your scan results are not yet updated after the synchronization, please make sure that the issue is not different sorting in the Completed Scans section. Make sure you prioritized the view by Time which shall display the most recent scan results on the top of page 1.

Kindly, let us know if your data would still be missing after running these steps.

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Rosen Danailov | Junior Solution Specialist
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