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puzzled Where to download ver 2?
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I am about to uninstall Secunia because on July 27th I tried running it and it refused to run. Instead it reported that I had no internet connection even when I most certainly did and refused to run and just sat at the Loading screen. This morning I started up my AMD 6000+ Win7 x64 w 5GB of RAM only to find out that Secunia loaded up on its own this time it did not report any internet problems and eventually loaded. I checked the PSI settings and it was not set to Start On Boot. I understand version 2 of PSI is still working and was wondering where that can be downloaded.

Also on July 27th I attempted to login here on the community and the login failed. I requested a password reset but never received an email. I also noticed that all of the posts that I looked at in the community said "The User No Longer Exists". Were you having db problems with the community?

Maurice Joyce RE: Where to download ver 2?
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Those problems face all versions of PSI when the Secunia Server is throwing a wobbly. Such incidents have been fairly frequent recently.

That said some tested links are here that you can safely use:

Links To PSI Versions Supported By Secunia:

Version - No Auto Update Facility - Full Secure Browsing Notifications.

Version - Full Secure Browsing Notifications.

Version - Limited Secure Browsing Notifications.

EDIT: The Secunia Change Log page is here:


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