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amueller Languages in updates
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I can create updates for specific languages only in CSi, but how is the language recognized on the target system?

For example we install a english Windows 7 and the user is using a german MUI on it. Is CSi still using only the english updates for this host?


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Secunia Official 31st Jul, 2013 14:28

You shall consider creating a different package for each of the different languages you may have installed on your network. Furthermore, the package shall be targeted to a set of machines that only have the correct language installation present on them.

Secunia CSI cannot detect what is the installation language of your software since this information is not present within the metadata of the files we inspect on your systems.

Furthermore, even if that was possible, WSUS would still not be able to target f.e. German package to only systems that have German installations of the given software because WSUS just as CSI inspects files metadata to determine whether applicability rules match.

To optimize the targeting process at its maximum, you could create various WSUS Computer Groups that reflect different deployment scenarios. I would suggest that you use Group nesting to achieve targeting of your updates to small and large portions of users.

Secunia includes certain examples of such nesting at its CSI 6.x Best-Practices Guide. Please refer to page 45 of the BP document.

I hope my information helped. Let us know if you have further questions.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov
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