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libove SmallBusiness console website fatally slow
Member 5th Aug, 2013 13:52
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I have 35 PCs registered in the SmallBusiness beta console.
The performance of the console is fatally bad. (I realize that it is in beta and that the full production infrastructure isn't there yet, but even taking that into account the performance is so poor as to give pause to considering the usability of the product).

Opening a specific threat and clicking Update All can cost several minutes and four trips through Firefox's "A script on this page..." warning. Similarly, accepting a new PC into the console.
Performance is also bad, though not quite so much so, in Chrome.

This is on a Windows 7 PC, 64-bit, with an i7 CPU and 12GB RAM; all patches and service packs applied. I didn't try Internet Explorer.

Is this a simple matter of the beta being a bit oversubscribed for the infrastructure available, or is Secunia working on specific problems which cause this performance issue?


This user no longer exists RE: SmallBusiness console website fatally slow
Secunia Official 5th Aug, 2013 15:20
Thank you for the information. I have not been able to recreate the issue but that might be because I do not have as many endpoints connected as you have. I have now forwarded the issue to our developers for their consideration.

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