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Nikilet PSI not updating Firefox
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I checked out another post regarding this matter but mine is a bit different. Secunia 3.0 has been shutting down the past couple of days with messages that it stopped working and was closed.

First I was getting language boxes but that stopped and now it will show that it's updating, and then after awhile it will show that it's verifying update. But nothing ever happens and then I check again and it's gone back to updating. I will also get a box telling me to "Wait!" and that Secunia is trying to connect to its servers.

When I right click on Firefox and "Show Details," the file is located at C:\Windows\erdnt\cache\firefox.exe .

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Maurice Joyce RE: PSI not updating Firefox
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This location C:\Windows\erdnt\cache\firefox.exe indicates you have an older version backed up to that location.

It will never update it but will keep trying. Either delete that file from your back (recommended) up or create an ignore rule. A full PSI scan should then clear it.

Your other woes may well be associated with the Secunia output. It has been awful all week & is on-going as I type this. Looks like a weekend of complete slowness until they sort it out.


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