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bwawsc Rescan program
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In version 2, PSI would allow you to rescan just one program (if you did a manual update of Firefox, for example). I can't find anything similar in 3.0 - you have to do a complete system scan, which can take a very long time. There were also options to do a manual update that would take you to a download page, or an auto update that would sometimes automatically update an application. Now there seems to be only one option, which sometimes goes into a days-long "updating" state, rather than doing something right now. Basically, I'm finding 3.0 to be confusing and inflexible compared to version 2.

Bill Walton

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Maurice Joyce RE: Rescan program
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You are correct in that version 3 does not have the ability to scan just one programme. You can however prevent version 3 from auto updating. Open PSI>settings>Update handling>select Notify (Not Recommended)**** as your preferred option. That gives a user a download link in lieu of auto updating.

**** Not sure why Secunia do not recommend notify/manual updating - Some programmes cannot be auto updated & their method has proved to be extremely slow as you & many others have commented on.

If you want the single programme scan feature in version 3 you may wish to suggest it to them via email to

Are you aware that Version 3 is not an upgrade of version 1 or 2? Version 1,2 & 3 are fully supported so you can revert if you prefer another version.

The download links & change logs are here if required:

Hope this helps.


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