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WolvenSpectre Opera !2.x is not yet end of life.
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Opera is in the middle of contraversially migrating to the Blink/Chromium render engine from their Presto engine. They then created their testbed beta version they called Opera 15. It only had the barest of features and showed some of the new features they planned to ad. They also split off the built in mail client and made a Blink/Chromium version of that that was also bare bones.

They then decided that since the engine and the few features they added were running so stable that they would release it as a new stable version.

This of course made the majority of the power users of Opera understandably upset, and most of them installed 15, then uninstalled it furiously minutes later.

That is when Opera came out and said that if you want the full feature set of Opera 12 then to use Opera 12 because they would continue to maintain it until 15( now 16) is more complete. Then a couple of days later they released security update.


Opera 12.x is still being updated and patched.

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