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GeorgeButel PsiService (32bit) is not Secunia
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I noticed "PsiService PsiService (32 bit}" running as a process in Task Mgr after uninstalling PSI (I've installed/uninstalled it a dozen or two times, at least) and, without thinking, headed for the registry to see what "Psi" entries might be there. Someone with a mind would have checked out the process PsiService first, but I was in a hurry and jumped to the conclusion that no one else could possibly have a "Psi" process, so I decided to delete a few reg entries. Thereafter, a Corel program, VideoStudio Pro X5, stopped working, telling me that it had not been installed properly. How dare a program tell me that I had not installed it properly! Only later did my mind start functioning, and I found out that that particular process belongs to a company called Protexis, and is used for licensing of Corel and some other software.

I'm thinking that you ought to warn users that, if they have a PsiService running, it isn't Secunia's, not that anyone else would be likely to perform the same idiocy I did--but it could happen.

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LeendertKip PsiService (32bit) is not Secunia
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@GeorgButel: I have a process running which looks like yours: PSI_SVC 2. According info from Google this is related to Protexis Licensing V2. I have no process exactly as yours but via Google I see: 'part of copy protection software from Protexis'. Maybe this helps.
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