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MikePerry Opera 12.x False warning
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I use Opera 12.16.1860 but PSI is telling me to 'update' it to 12.15.x! The Opera website tells me that 12.16.1860 is the latest version so why is PSI telling me today (Monday 2nd September) that it needs updating to an older version? The other thread regarding this is locked, wrongly in my view, and says the problem was fixed last week. Clearly it has not been fixed if the warnings are still appearing falsely!
Please sort it out properly and stop the false warnings.


RE: Opera 12.x False warning
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This user no longer exists RE: Opera 12.x False warning
Secunia Official 3rd Sep, 2013 14:26
In an attempt to recreate the issue I have installed Opera version 12.16.1860.0. It is correctly detected as patched by PSI 3 and I am not asked to update.

If a rescan should not fix this issue then you are welcome to send documentation in the form of screenshots to


RE: Opera 12.x False warning
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