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ardengard Shockwave
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I have detected an issue with updating from Shockwave v10 to v12. The latest Shockwave-msi from Adobe not only installs version but also files in System32\macromed\Shockwave 10. This means that CSI finds the SwInit.exe file, which has the version, in System32\macromed\Shockwave 10 and gives it the status of end-of-life. If you then distribute an updatepackages it will try to update it, which it shouldn't because it belongs to Shockwave

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Secunia Official 10th Sep, 2013 08:56

The old version of Shockwave is indeed included within the 12.x release for backward compatibility. Secunia does detect the vulnerabilities in the file that belongs to version 10.x and lists them as it should be.

Whether you distribute an Update package to patch this particular version of Shockwave depends only on you. Should you want to avoid patching this version, you have to deselect the Applicability Path pointing to the Shockwave 10.x installation location from step 3 of the Secunia Package Wizard. Deselecting the path within the package makes the package you create _not_applicable_ to the system that would have Shockwave 10.x installed.

You could also create a blacklist under Scanning in CSI that will avoid scanning the location of Shockwave 10.x. Since this path was avoided, the CSI will not display this version within your scan results and so it will not include it as a target to-be-patched within a new Update package you created.

Please note that Secunia would not recommend you to patch this version either, however, to avoid patching it depends on your processes (scanning allowance / package configuration).

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Rosen Danailov / Security +
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