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peterrrr Flash Player
Member 16th Sep, 2013 16:01
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I wrote to your help personnel but they directed me to Adobe where I got no help.
I cannot post an attachment here or a prntscrn whcih would say it all.
Basically, Adobe Flash Player 11 Activex X will not install on my pc It gives an error of 1722 and says there is a problem with the Windows installer package.
i have Win 8 Pro and run both FireFox and MSIE and this error occurs on both. I have SpywareBlaster installed, Defender, Windows firewall, Secunia, MBAM and a router.
Could you please help me with this? I wish I could send a snapshot to better explain.
Thank you

ddmarshall RE: Flash Player
Dedicated Contributor 16th Sep, 2013 17:52
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You cannot install the Flash Player ActiveX on Windows 8 yourself. It is managed by Microsoft through Windows Update.

Upload your screen shots to SkyDrive or a cloud service of your choice and post the link to them here.

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peterrrr RE: Flash Player
Member 17th Sep, 2013 15:43
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I have received help from another forum where they explained the Flash issue; they tell me it bothers them also.
I wanted you to know, only if you wish to gather viewers, it took be 30 seconds to wait after submitting my user etc., then another 30 while it said "please wait".
Between the odd log in and the continued problems with Flash, among others that plagued me in the past, I have removed Secunia from my machines.
I mean no ill will but the problems are too frustrating and consume too much time.
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