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gpnmb_secunia Uninstallation packages
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Hello, I have problems with uninstallation programs which are marked as \"No\" under \"Uninstallable\" column. How can I uninstall these programs?

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Secunia Official 18th Sep, 2013 16:52
Last edited on 18th Sep, 2013 16:54 Hi,

Secunia attempts to deliver as much as pre-configured Uninstall packages as possible, but there is a pretty large amount of software yet to be covered. The packages that are labeled with 'Yes' under 'Uninstallable' column are in fact pre-configured by default by Secunia.

The packages that are labeled with 'No' require you to provide certain configuration in addition to make your package work. Basically, although there would be an active Jscript template in your package configuration, this package would lack important Uninstall data, as follows:

a) var ProductRegExps = [ ] ;

Here you need to insert the Uninstall string for the particular application you desire to Uninstall. This Uninstall string can be found within the registry on any system running the software in question. Here is the path to that location:

regedit.exe > HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Uninstall

Inside this registry entry, you will find a bunch of GUIDs, each one corresponding to the GUID of an application installed on the local system. You need to find the correct folder that holds your application's data and then alocate the UninstallString key.

The value of this key would look like the following:
MsiExec.exe /X{2EDC2FA3-1F34-34E5-9085-588C9EFD1CC6}

Double-click on the UninstallString key (or right-click > Modify Binary Data) and then copy the value in it. Paste the copied information within the JScript template in the CSI, on the line "var ProductRegExps = [ ] ;" in-between the brackets after the equal (=) character.

At the end, this line should look like:
"var ProductRegExps = [ MsiExec.exe /X{2EDC2FA3-1F34-34E5-9085-588C9EFD1CC6} ] ;"

From that point onwards, your package shall be ready for publishing. When the package arrives at the local system, WU will execute the Uninstall string in Shell which would then Uninstall your program from the system.

Please note that Secunia CSC does not officially provide troubleshooting support for Uninstall packages as they are an optional feature in CSI and it is solely up to customers to configure their packages. However, if you follow the steps I listed here, there shouldn't be any problems to have your package working well and as expected. If you encounter an issue, kindly let me know though.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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