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DJDTHS Scan cycle for PSI 3.0
Member 20th Sep, 2013 19:51
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Under PSI 2.0 the scan cycle was weekly.
I don't see any info on how often a scan will be done in 3.0.
Two reasons I updated from 2.0 to 3.0 on my new WIN8 machine were:

1. Even though the next scan stated a particular date, (in this case was 9/19) the scan did no start automatically today (9/20). This was not the first time this had happened on my new PC.

2. A message told me that Microsoft (Windows) Update was not installed on my PC when in fact it is as I can go to the Control Panel --> and see Windows Update as an option, as well as being able to click on the Start button and enter Windows Update and go to that panel.

So my question is how often will PSI do an auto scan of my PC or do I have to always choose to do it manually as in clicking the "Scan Again" button on the PSI window.

fyi, you need to add more servers or band-width as it took well over 2 minutes to open up the PSI window today.


mogs RE: Scan cycle for PSI 3.0
Member 20th Sep, 2013 21:47
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As far as I know, the scan cycle for psi 3.0 runs along the same principle as 2.0.....namely an auto scan one week after a manual.

Many things are not working as they should at the moment....on site nor psi....I think it's a matter of simply waiting for normality to resume.

It seems to take a while just to log in...
Sorry I havn't been too helpful....regards....mogs........

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