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bibarnes Adobe Flash not showing installed version.
Member 21st Sep, 2013 23:08
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I updated Adobe Flash. According to PSI I had 11.6.602.180 and needed 11.8.800.168. That is not correct The version installed is 11_8_800_175. When I right click on the Detected Installations it does not show what is indicated, but what is really installed. This has happened before and I was ridiculed that I didn't know what I was doing and had discovered a heretofor undetected bug. Well it has happened again.

There is definitely a problem in PSI 2 with Adobe. I checked the entre folder and there is no version _11_6_602_180.ocx. No matter how many times I click on rescan program it doesn't rescan, just tells me what used to be there.

[i]The version detected of Adobe Flash Player 11.x (ActiveX) was 11.6.602.180 (ActiveX) while the latest version including one or more security fixes is 11.8.800.168 (ActiveX).[i]

Unfortunately, I am unable to copy th --Start-- to --End--. I can hilte it but right clicking does not bring anything up.

Here is what it says
program name:
Adobe Flash Player 11.x(ActieX)

Security State:

Download Limnk:

Instances Found:
C:\Windows|SysWOW4|Macromed|Flash|Flash32_11_6_602 _180.ocx, version 11.6.602.180(ActiveX)

Last System Scan (localtime)
21, Sep 2013 10:55

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 7

In the indicated folder are the following
Folder FlashPlayerTrust
Flash32_11_8_800_175.ocx ActiveX control
FlashInstall Text Document
FlashPlayerUpdateService Application
FlasUtil32_11_8_800_175_ActiveX DLL File
FlashUtil32_11_8_800_175_ActieX Application
mms CFG File.

As you can se PSI 2 is a tad confused as to what is there. I have done a complete rescan nd nothing has changed. It appears that since the installed version is newer than the recommended one PSI desn't know how to handle that.


This user no longer exists RE: Adobe Flash not showing installed version.
Secunia Official 23rd Sep, 2013 14:39
What you describe sounds a bit unusual. However, we have today made some changes to our detection rules for Adobe Flash Player. Please perform another rescan with the PSI and report back if the issue is still not solved.

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