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supersmashbrother PSI missing VLC Player Update 2.1.0
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I happen to have VLC Player 2.0.8
on the Website you can already grab 2.1.0

Maurice Joyce RE: PSI missing VLC Player Update 2.1.0
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Suggest it to Support.


Secunia do not accept programmes versions in ALPHA(Includes Google Canary/Dev & Mozilla Aurora) or BETA.

PSI Version 3
1. Open PSI>show programmes - U should see all your programmes listed by an icon or list presentation.
2. Click Add Program (top right of page)
3. Fill out the details requested & click Send Data.

PSI Version 2

1. From the DASHBOARD page click on RESULTS.
2. On the RESULTS page look above the tab INSTALL SOLUTION & U will see a green icon & ARE YOU MISSING A PROGRAM?
3. Click it. Fill out the details requested.

PSI Version 1

2. Scroll to the bottom where U will see a link in blue ink "Program Missing? Suggest It Here!"
3. Click the link & then fill out the details in the boxes that appear(the important bit is the FILE SELECTION).
4. Click Suggest Program.

If requested, Secunia respond by email that the programme has been added to their database. A full PSI scan should reveal it.

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Anthony Wells RE: PSI missing VLC Player Update 2.1.0
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Hi ,

As can be seen here , there are two extant SA's for this software (scroll down) :-

Version 2.1.0 of the VLC Player seems to be a "major" upgrade and is claimed to fix a welter of bugs :-

It will be interesting to see whether Secunia and VidoeLAN are able to agree (almost for the first time) as to the "security" of this latest version . It might take Secunia a day or two to digest whether 2.1.0 is a "security" patch/fix and as to which SA's it refers ; so don't hold your breath for instant gratification .

EDIT: Should have said :-

The/my PSI detects version 2.1.0 correctly in the "Scan Results" module but shows the VLC plug-in as "insecure , no solution" in the "Secure Browsing" module in IE8 , Firefox and Chrome . Breathe :))

Take care



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