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hilmar.inex File System (Export)
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I am currently doing a valuation of CSI with the prospect of purchasing.

I do not have a WSUS server set up so i want to try File System (Export). however when i try to save the packet i get the following error "You do not have the permission to save in this location. Contact the systems Administrator to obtain permission" Well i have given the permission to everyone on the folder but no luck.

So to my question what user is it that really runs the CSI web interface? Can this be solved?

Thanks in advance.


This user no longer exists RE: File System (Export)
Secunia Official 15th Oct, 2013 08:53

Secunia CSI inherits the privileges of the account running it. This mean that the account starting the web interface would be the account authenticated when you export files on the local system. Since you experience privileges issue to export, your account is not privileged enough to do so.

Even though you may have added permissions for your account to perform operations on the file system, please also ensure that you logoff / login this account at least once before proceeding. New privileges are usually assigned to your account's token upon logon operations.

Finally, please consider that the operation you are trying to achieve would result in you exporting a simple XML file that contains package-level configuration. The 'File System Export' feature does not export the actual executable package that is used to patch your insecure installations.

Should you want to export the actual patch and not the configuration XML template, please start the SPS wizard and navigate to Step 2 of SPS (at step 1 enable the 'Edit Package Content' checkbox). At the lower part of the window you will see 'Create SPS File'.

Click the button and the CSI will create your patch and then it will take you on the file system where the file was exported. You will see at least two files where SPS.exe is the actual patch you need. Right-click > Run As Administrator on the file would install it silently on all systems you attempt to.

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Kind Regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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