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GerryGLR Latest version of PSI and (possibly) 64-bit Windows 7
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Wednesday I installed VLC Media Player 1.10. When I scanned my programs on Friday PSI reported that I had VLC Media Player 1.08 and should upgrade. I uninstalled and reinstalled v 1.10. After two other updates, one of which was flagged as spyware by Kaspersky and when I ran a scan with SuperAntiSpyware free it also flagged it as spyware, which led me to uninstall and put in the safer previous version, I reran the scan. It was now happy with VLC Media Player but objected to the spyware-free older version. That was not unexpected and I really can't expect PSI to search for spyware - it's slow enough already. I'll accept that the software burped. However it would be nice if your next upgrade was more interested in speed rather than more things like trying to update out-of-date programs. Just let me know about them - I prefer to download from my site of choice and can accomplish finding the site, downloading the installation program, and installing it far faster than your program can. I have about as fast a desktop as you can get without resorting to liquid cooling for the CPU, 16 GB of Corsair 1600 DDR3 RAM, but not an SSD. My feeling is that if my system needs that long to run it's time to speed it up. Whether you remove software or polish it is obviously up to you.

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Secunia Official 21st Oct, 2013 11:14
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If you do not need the ability of the PSI to auto-update your programs then I recommend you simply turn auto-updates off. You may also prefer the slightly more advanced PSI 2 over PSI 3. PSI 2 is still supported and available for download at this page:

I can of course assure you that there are no sorts of spyware or any other kinds of malware in the PSI or in our SPS packages. For any false positives created by your antivirus please refer to this thread:

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