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JakobT WSUS computer target groups
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We currently have WSUS dictate various computer groups. One of these is a test-bench consisting of a few computers. My question is if there is any way to sort/keep-track-of deployment of packages and their progress, by approved computer groups in Secunia 6.x? Is it possible to sort hosts into their WSUS assigned computer groups?

Somewhat new to Secunia CSI, so i might be missing something essential. Any help is appreciated.


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Secunia Official 11th Nov, 2013 09:05

Excuse us to have replied with a delay to your question.

To check statistics for the deployment of your package, you can use Patching > Available > right-click on package > Information page in the Secunia CSI 6.x.
As Secunia CSI is able to read the information through the WSUS API, the statistics within Available page would be dynamically updated when WSUS has newer information regarding your package deployments. Unfortunately, after a package was created and published you could only approve that for the WSUS Groups as they were built and configured in WSUS. CSI cannot help you to re-order your WSUS hosts, but this can be done via the WSUS interface.

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