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claw scans and updates are seldom completed
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My wife's Win 7 laptop with version history shows all Windows auto updates as attempted but not completed. When I go to the control panel to check, they say only one update is needed...I downloaded from MS and all is well now but the Secunia icon is almost always red because of failed auto downloads from MS . I often have to go to Adobe etc to download updates as they rarely finish updating when trying to do it on Secunia. Manual scans sometimes don't finish either but after quitting it shows up as complete. This version 4001 is pretty old but I can't find any way to update without starting over.

Maurice Joyce RE: scans and updates are seldom completed
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PSI does not update anything from Microsoft - they leave that to Windows Update & give guidance here:

Adobe products can also cause hassle which is well documented on the Forum. Basically if programmes are running that use Adobe products some of the files may not be correctly removed. PSI finds them & will try to update them again. Many users have reverted to updating Adobe products manually.

Updating PSI is an easy task. You click the download link & the old version is auto uninstalled before the new version is installed.

The latest version is This is causing a few issues so if you want to update I suggest you read this first:

Hope this helps.


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