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Nikilet Problem with Adobe Reader update & with PSI
Member 5th Nov, 2013 03:40
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Toshiba Satellite laptop/Windows 7/PSI 3.0

I keep getting the message that PSI is not responding.

Before this started, I noted that Adobe Reader has been trying to update ever since I booted the computer earlier today.

PSI just opened again. I looked under that History button on the bottom and it shows that Adobe Reader has successfully upgraded to 11.0.04 in September, twice in October and now again in November. "Success" is the key word here. This makes no sense when it is right now trying to update to 11.0.04.

NowPSI just became unresponsive again.

When I Googled Adobe Reader, I find the version needed is 11.0.05. I downloaded that from the Adobe page but when I tried to install I got a window telling me:

"it can't be installed by Windows Installer Service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be updated exists on your computer and that you have the correct patch."

Programs and Features shows that I have Adobe Reader 11.0.03, so again, I don't know why PSI history shows that it was successfully upgraded to 11.0.04. Could that be why the installer isn't working -- because I first need to upgrade to 04 before I can upgrade to 05?

Maurice Joyce RE: Problem with Adobe Reader update & with PSI
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It looks like it is trying to update remnants of the old version that remain on your PC. Have you checked the path given by Secunia to the problem?

What path is PSI showing to those old programmes?


Open PSI>once open select Show Programs.
U will now see a page full of programme icons or a list.
Right click on the programme in error>select Show Details - that will open a box showing the path & version number of the offending file.
U now have 2 options:
1. Write down the exact file path & install version - return to the Forum & type that information.
2. Take a screen shot & publish that.

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Which version of PSI 3 are you using? All my SMB Endpoints, who are using PSI, have carried out a full scan & report all is normal - their scan results are showing fine on my SMB Console.


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1809 Build 17763.404
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Nikilet RE: Problem with Adobe Reader update & with PSI
Member 6th Nov, 2013 04:13
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I thought i had already answered this but maybe I forgot to hit the reply button when I was done.

I have the same version of psi that you stated above.

It finally updated last night. I don't know what is going on but things have sure been strange. I'm not actually on that Windows 7 computer right now so I'm assuming things are ok. I don't have it turned on so will get back to this if something changes.

As always, thank you!!!
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